Juice Bar Round Up

Part of the luxury of summer is the simple pleasure of day-drinking by the pool, long afternoons with your feet in the water and a cold beer or frosty glass of wine. But every once in a while, your liver needs a break from this delicious indulgence.

So try treating your body to a rejuvenating bar crawl, a juice bar crawl! Choose from a rainbow of delicious potions that can nourish, soothe, and heal the body and mind.

House of Alchemy
4245 S Grand Canyon Dr #103
Offering up a wide variety of nut milks, cold-pressed juices, tonics, and super smoothies, House of Alchemy is a little like an apothecary disguised as a juice bar. You can start small with one of the menu-staple juices formulated to boost your health in all sorts of ways, or go big with a custom juice blend designed just for your needs.
Must Try Item: Lady Lavender. The base of juice, nut milks, and coconut water delivers a soothing dose of lavender to settle frazzled nerves, just right for high-power type A personalities.

750 S Rampart Blvd #15
Panacea boasts a full menu, so if you’re not looking to do a liquid lunch it’s a great place to pair an organic juice with a healthy, vegan dish. You can have your superfoods in the form of a cold pressed juice or a latte, treat your tummy to the probiotic power of kombucha tea, or take home a pre-set juice cleanse.
Must Try Item: Turmeric Latte. The curcumin in turmeric is anti-inflammatory and can sooth sore muscles and joint pain, a perfect rejuvenating drink for the athletes out there.

The Juice Standard
4555 S Fort Apache Rd #144 AND 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd
The Juice Standard isn’t just a juice bar, it’s a philosophy! TJS is providing organic, cold-pressed juices and educating juicers about just why juicing is so good for them! Their individual juices, called Sippers, are each formulated to do something great for your body or mind. If you love the way the Sippers make you feel, you can go a step further with a juice fast of whatever length feels right for you.
Must Try Item: Bee WHealthy. This blend of fruits, veggies, and herbs helps support your immune system, great to enjoy on the regular to keep your body healthy and strong.

Smooth Eats
124 S 6th St #160
You don’t have to be on a juice fast or sticking to a vegan diet to enjoy the benefits of juicing. At Smooth Eats, you can opt for a rich, cheesy panini over the vegan toast and still enjoy the health benefits of anti-oxidants, probiotics, and superfoods of their smoothies and juices.
Must Try Item: Green Goddess. The addition of Blue Majik Spirulina delivers a major dose of anti-oxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory benefits, a great overall health-booster.