Selling Specialty Properties

If you’re a fan of HGTV or Pinterest, or you just like cruising Zillow, you’ve probably spent plenty of time ogling some very unique properties and saying something like “that’s so cool but I could never live there”. It can be a lot of fun to pore over photos of properties with unusual architectural elements, specially-designed spaces like a workshop or basketball court, or specific-use land like the many horse properties here in Las Vegas. Selling these sort of places, on the other hand, can be more challenging than fun.

Dani is no stranger to handling these specialty properties. She has even created a custom marketing option to showcase them. And while finding the perfect new owner can be a journey, Dani has a couple of tips that make that journey a little easier.

Showcase What’s Unique
There can be a temptation, when selling a home with unusual or very specific features, to downplay that difference in order to appeal to the widest possible audience of buyers. But this is a mistake. The fact is that not everyone will be interested in a horse property. But a potential buyer doesn’t have to keep horses to be interested. The key is to showcase the home’s more traditional features, and share the specific ways in which the previous owners used the unique space. This allows you to play to your niche market and find the right buyer.

Emphasize Feeling
As anyone who has ever gone house hunting knows, the physical aspects of the space only go so far in influencing our decision. In the end, it so often comes down to the feeling; does this place feel like home? Emphasizing how the unique defining features of these properties made the previous owners feel can help define the pool of potential buyers, sometimes even better than the physical elements themselves. Emphasizing the feel along with the features helps play to that niche market.

List with Create Luck
Let Dani feature your unique property with a Beyond the Space marketing piece. This tool was custom made to address the challenges of selling these types of properties. With it, Dani tells the story of the home from the seller’s (that’s you!) point of view. This reveals to potential buyers what is physically special about the home and evokes the feeling of the space as well. Beyond the Space is the perfect way to showcase your unique property to potential buyers.