Zen Bathroom

When Dani was called in to redo a bathroom at Queensridge, her client was looking for more than a quick design fix. In keeping with the ornate style of that development, the bathroom felt fussy and dated. Polished marble, a brown and gold color scheme, and a built in bathtub were all seriously messing with the client’s vibe. He wanted something totally different, something softer, something zen.

[before photos]

After a little research and reconnaissance on spa-like bathrooms, Dani created a vision for a space built on clean lines, a cool color palette, and seamless transitions.

First, the old built-in tub and surround were out. In their place, a free-standing soaking tub against a backdrop of smooth, white river rock brought in the calming influence of the natural world.

[new tub with river rock]

Next, the stuffy old color scheme was washed away by cool greys and bright whites.

Finally, seamless glass on the shower created an unobstructed view and the floor tile was carried up onto the wall to make for a seamless transition. No visual clutter.

[new shower]

All together, these elements create a space with minimal visual disruption. The eye is able to rest, and the mind and body follow.

[overall after photo]

Looking to bring the same vibe into your home? You could freshen things up by swapping out your existing bathroom textiles for an all-white palette: towels, curtains, rugs. Or, for a big structural change, rip out that dated built-in tub and replace it with a luxurious free-standing soaking tub.

Hungry for more? Find Dani on Instagram @createlucklv for more zen bathroom inspiration!