Tablescapes for Entertaining

The right decor goes a very long way in setting the right vibe for an event. When it comes to a sit down meal, nothing is as effective as the right tablescape. We’re looking at three options that can deliver both classic and trendy elements, depending on your taste.

At its worst, minimalist design can come off as sparse and cold. But by following a few essential steps you can become a master of zen-and-the-art-of-tablescapes. Keep your design to 3 or 4 colors, maximum, with a base of neutrals like black, white, and gray with a single accent color. Focus on clean lines in your dishes and flatware, and choose simple linens. In your centerpiece you can either go with a single bloom, which can be pretty dramatic depending on your choice, or an arrangement of all the same flower, which provides a more lush feel while maintaining visual simplicity.

This aesthetic is a more feminine take on the rustic look, a sort of midpoint between the boho and the rustic. It’s perfect if you love both natural elements and delicate details. With an earthly tablescape, keep to fairly simple dishes and flatware. Then, layer in those details. Add woven textiles like a macrame runner or napkins with crocheted lace edging. Incorporate gem stones, like these napkin rings, for an organic and unexpected pop of color and texture. Finally, create your centerpiece with fresh foliage and greenery. You can go a layer deeper here, and select fresh herbs whose scent will enhance the meal.

This aesthetic might be the most fun, but it can also be the hardest to pull off. Done wrong, it can turn disco in the worst way. But focusing on the colors as much as the shine factor can create something stunning. Build a palette of rich jewel tones to inspire a sense of wealth and luxury. This is especially effective when applied to your linens and flowers. Dress up the place settings with vintage glassware; try cut glass or crystal, or glasses with metallic trim or overlays. Finally, accent everything with warm metallics like gold, copper, and rose gold.