Boozy Popsicles & Frozen Cocktails

Who first thought to put booze in a popsicle? We’ll never get the chance to thank this genius in person, but we can celebrate their brilliance by enjoying as many kinds of frozen cocktails and treats as we can. So make the most of these dog days of summer by combining dessert and cocktail hour at every possible opportunity.


Raspberry Rose Popsicle
Rose isn’t just a wine, it’s a lifestyle. So grab one, or three, of these popsicles, put on your rosewave playlist, and say #yeswayrose to the one and only wine of summer.

Pineapple Frozen Margarita
The beauty of the frozen margarita is that if you ever get bored with them you can just put in a different fruit and it’s basically a whole new drink. Break out your blender and see if you can find your favorite before the weekend is over.

Cocktail Snow Cones
Planning a big bash for the end of summer? Invest in a shaved-ice maker, stock the bar, and enlist a friend or two to help you prep the fruit. Your guests might never leave.