Quirky Stuff to Do

When you live in Vegas, you often have the dubious honor of out-of-town family and friends always being eager to come visit you. At first, it can be fun to hit the clubs with an old college friend or take your cousins to a celebrity chef restaurant. But after a while, the thrill of watching Great Aunt Edith play round after round of video poker wears off.

If you’ll be hosting visitors this summer, mix things up with one of these quirky outings. Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll get to try something new too!


Topgolf has transformed golf from an all-day affair, usually only enjoyed by packs of businessmen, into a fun afternoon or evening with friends. Topgolf is like a classier version of those bowling parties you attended as a kid. You and a group of friends can spend a few hours working on your swing while enjoying bottle service and gourmet bites. You can even bring your bathing suits and escape to the hideaway pool on the third floor to cool off when you’re done.

Indoor Axe Throwing
Think batting cages, but with very sharp objects. Indoor axe throwing puts you in front of a target and lets you try your hand at throwing axes, tomahawks, and knives. Book a party room and see who has the best aim! Unsurprisingly, indoor axe throwing places don’t serve alcohol for safety reasons, so this is good pre-cocktail-hour entertainment. However some places, like Axe Hole on Fremont Street, do provide horned viking helmets so that you can really get into character.

Escape Rooms
Looking for something a little more challenging? If you and your friends are the types who long for a little adventure and get a thrill from solving a mystery, then check out an escape room. The concept is pretty simple, your group gets locked in a room and you have one hour to solve the puzzle and free yourselves. Places like Escapology heighten the excitement with elaborate sets and back stories. Solve a murder in an old mansion, escape a pirate ship, or prevent the Cuban missile crisis. After that, maybe lunch?